Where I’ve been

I did it again didn’t I?

I said I’d be back and then I wasn’t.

I’m sorry

Things have been busy around here. Last time I posted was the start of November and I had good intentions to blog about my UK trip but then work got busy and now considering that trip was in October last year it seems too late for that now.

Then we went away, three times, in the space of a month and had my brother with us for a week and a half, that was a busy time.

Then, the most exciting of all, we launched our business, West Grotto!

Matt and I first started talking about starting a business of our own in January last year. Our initial ideas was handbags. So different from our teaching and IT roles that we currently hold. We applied and got into the South Australian Young Entrepreneur Scheme, the first step towards us making our dreams come true.

After countless research and other expenses getting in our way (couldn’t survive another Australian summer without air conditioning) we put our handbag dreams aside and have decided to start small selling enamel pins!

They are 100% designed by Matt and myself and then made in China.

These are our first four but we will have two more within the next week or so!

Then we released earrings.

Aren’t they gorgeous? We bought the acrylic circles from a laser cutting company on a whim and I’m in love with them.

Next we have socks coming (hopefully tomorrow) I’m so excited to see how they turn out.

It has been stressful, but I’m proud of what we have achieved. Even if the only people who have bought anything are family and friends haha

I do want to try and keep up on here but I can’t promise anything. My self confidence is in the bucket and until I get my mental health in check I can’t see me putting myself out there on here. My business is enough at the moment haha

Please stick around though, I might change my mind.

In the meantime check out our website West Grotto, buy something if you want. Free shipping over $20 in Australia and $35 if you’re international!

Till’ next time

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